The world in crisis

The world has never been in crisis
The world has always been in crisis

Crisis is opportunity
Opportunities have risks
Risk is crisis

The men have these crisis
They write warpy in warped lines
In spite of that, men never correct themselves
And then crisis repeats itself.

That's why the line must be straight
And what is written must be rare
And every goal has its arrow
Its spot
All it needs is a shot.

Crisis is and always will be about vanity
Pretentious or clear
From the ambitiously immoral
That makes the mixes
Awaiting reactions
Of good with evil.

The good thing about crisis is that it ends
Even though it repeats itself
It doesn't correct itself
And all it needs is a shot
It could seem different
It is not.

Not rarely, crisis is
sadly necessary
to create a genious out of the ordinary
or to create History
which, if thoroughly studied
would advise:
Crisis needs more memory.
That would be wise.

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