The Truth

If there is one single Truth it is unknown
If we can access it through words either
If it is the same even if inside out
or if it is the same for a mad man or genious
All I know is that from the life lines I weave
I create a carpet made with strong colors
That can survive through the lifes and deaths
of the moral buildings I measure.
In History there are temples that go up and down
to the heights of Glory or straight to the ground
and Truths from the yes and Truths from the no
but the only one truth remains:
We are stars, we attract and heat
We die and live, it is always the same story
Truth shall be that to the place we head into
We will Love much and we will Love more.



Each one of us has one "I Am"
and a Law that makes us Right into the way
through a path of lights left on that you can
walk: even the night looks like day

Each one of us is a Star
with Light and Gravity to heat and attract
the things that we want or the soul that we are
and the destiny we are going to get

Each one of us has a Sense
and a Power that makes us go to every side
we have a Heart to make our journey intense
through the lows and highs of the tide

You have everything on your own
if you have Wisdom and Understanding
all you need is to put on your Crown
and claim yourself your own kingdom's king.

Each one of us has one Faith
and a Hope that binds us all in this Universe
of Love which shall be our fate
and what is hidden within every verse.