When building your house, build a temple
as it is
nothing is
what it seems

The lack of finding
and dealing with causes
will cause effects
do not turn away
do not mind again
it attracts

Show off is vanitas
avoid the void
Just do what is right
It turns out
if you have a good rule
you do not need any fight
just Light

Help your self
by going within
as it is
nothing is
what it seems

And be prepared
for what you might think is coming
since all of the causes
are with you
all you need is to Know Thyself.

But time
that time that erases and forgives
and that thankfully forgets
no matter your eyes are black or blue
no matter if on foot or in a jet
your mind weaves
the true fabric of dreams
you call Life.

Choose your effects
Hint? Look for causes