The gravity of money

We know that mass attracts mass in the vacuum, thus the eternal suspension of the planets around a star and the confluence of spiral galaxies converging to a blackhole.

The fact is that the attraction of masses rules can also be perceived in the way money gravitates.

When mankind created and improved its financial centers in the 12th century with templar knights' banks, we chose to accumulate money around those who already have it.

In the past, the Catholic Church was the owner of a huge part of the world's soil. That made that institution powerful not only ideologically but also financially. That power allowed the Church to build a structure that made possible to keep it alive for so many centuries with its faithful followers.

In a modern world, the gravity of money can be understood if we analyze the richest people in the world. It is improbable that these people lose their mass of money. The financial structure allows those who already have a huge amount of money to keep making it grow with financial tools.

The accumulation of money around a group or around individuals make possible the creation of business that will, consecutively, attract more money and more people around their products or services.

Through time, those who hold the money will have more and more power. Just like the mass of existing money allows the acceleration through interest rates and capital gains, we know that gravitational force can be interpreted by the formula mass times acceleration.

Then we can say that Money Force equals to the amount of gravitational money times the acceleration rate expressed as a fraction plus 1.

Therefore we define that: MF = Ag x (1 + ar) x Tg.

The final variable is money times Time. Money-time is poetic license to that old saying "Time is money". But actually this phrase is incomplete according to the gravity of money: Money is accelerated in time, a principle applied to the relativity of economics through Einstein: time is the fourth dimension when money is an abstraction of something that has a mass, something solid, with its three dimensions. It could be a product or a service.

The Money Gravity Theory that I describe in this article also means that money can only be dispersed in a more just, equal way through money anti-gravitational actions. But anti-gravity is not the rule among living beings -- that depend on gravity to survive.

The attraction of masses in the direction of the center of the planet, along with the adaptability to conditions of pression and temperature is what allows the living beings the balance of life. But as it seems, gravity influences not only in our attraction allowing us to live on the surface of this planet, but also in the way we are still choosing to permit money attraction in the points where money is already found.

We can then define the modes of gravity. In our galaxy, a blackhole converges it into a spiral, that is being reduced proportionally to the golden rate. In the same way, water goes down the sink always forming a spiral. Plants grow forming this same spiral. DNA molecules have the form of a spiral. This form descends directly from the expressed gravity inscripted in our galaxy. And we are the result of this same gravitational balance that our galaxy allows us. And living is an experience of being in this galaxy through time.

Since we are all here, we need to find the golden rate of money distribution for the perfection of our planet and of our universe. We need to share and multiply the breads, for the sake of the balance of the nature we are into. It would be much better than the current scheme of things that makes us live in this disruptive world of today.

A better world is a must. We, no one else, will have to build it.

Ecclesiastes 12:1-8

With firmness, persistency
energy and temperance
with the dance of science
and the shine of the stars
with considerable perseverance
and fidelity to mankind
I am only a child
that looks out to the world
like an immense ball
of hard soil made of mood.

Who so did it, so wanted
and here I just observe
as an entered apprentice
and a humble servant
the beauties of the Universe.

Vanity does not elevate us:
we always have our feet on the floor
because Earth attracts us all.

Not to learn what is darkness
is not seeing the huge
amount of stars above our heads.

The attraction of bodies

"The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of." said Blaise Pascal. In fact he used the word "heart", replacing the feeling by an organ that has nothing to do with emotions. Even though the heartbeat rate increases when we are in presence of someone who's attractive, the chemical reactions really happen inside the brain.

From the little that is known from the satisfaction system in human mind, we can take the following: we go for whatever attracts us. Sometimes it could be a sort of food. Or a very beautiful woman. Sometimes we are attracted and motivated with an exciting challenge. It is hard to define what makes some people sky dive and others eat a lot of chocolate.

Dogs are trained using this same satisfaction system. It is a way to associate determined actions to the materialization of desires.

The paradigme of the desire materialization is something intensely explored in world literature. Since the genius in the lamp to the fairies, there will always be characters able to materialize dreams in a magic way. In life, magic is life experience.

Whoever can see the magic of every universe form holds a continuous satisfaction and a serenity that increases life quality.

Feeling an attraction is, in the end, what really motivates us to keep walking the paths life allows us. Normally we choose what attracts us the most, even though this is not the way fast happiness is suppose to be like. It is still to be known if the ways we choose will bring the Divine Art inside of our hearts, or if in the end we will destroy ourselves.

That's because attraction is the main rule of the universe, be it of a man for his lover, be it of a planet for a star. But if attraction is a rule, the opposite also must be. In the same way that we are not being thrown straight to the Sun, but we keep travelling around it, there are also rules of repulsion that balance and separate things in the world.

In the same way there are those who are willing to love the people around them. It is pretty much as if all the diseases and natural disasters would not be enough: nature knows how to create the predators for each race to balance the ecosystem.

That's why there are the romantics and the belic ones, both of them willing to defend their causes and act in different forms in the world. Is there a balance for that? I don't know. For me there would be only love as rule and law, and light as the energy that gives life and life that is the search for satisfaction -- or love -- in many areas.

The satisfation of our desires cannot be so magical to the point that peace in the world could be stablished just now because we want it.

But if you join me with these thoughts, maybe we will be able to attract it. And finally all of us will be satisfied.