We are all alone
until the end is gone.

The end of suffering,
that is,
hidden within something
you miss.

When the end is near
you will never be alone
being right now and here
was not in vain.


Shuffle and Sort (how to live)


I want to bring the truth
out of everything that is
no matter how many lies
are in a quest
like this

I know we got our eyes
and we are suppose to see
but mind is always blowing
time is rolling
like the sea

I saw the truth just really once
and it broke me with its strife
and it struck all of my soul
I can not stay

We all know that we will die
but we must not want to leave
time is wide, life is short
we all need to sort
how to live


Finding the mystery

When I read I see black and white
But there are all these shades of gray
Many left from these who did not do right
what was suppose to be made the right way

When I write I make verses and spread them in lines
People say one should read in-between
The sad poet writes drinking glasses of whine
It turns out the mystery is within.

The mastery, though, is outside, I crave
Because the mastery leads you to be free.
But to have a soul that can whatever fabric weave
a friend of Wisdom everyone should be.

I will find my way by just making it clear
I will bind my words, my art, to my beating heart
This verse and the place we must be is right here
let faith begin, let love start.


From above

Beyond the wall of the limitations
that we all put our selves serving badly
there's a faith and a hope and a love
for the Light that comes from above.

Although simple, yet it is to be found out
something we do not know that lives within.
It is something you may have heard about:
One God we cannot live without.


Self Science

We need more science
Increasing on the ratio of
One plus the square root of five
Divided by two
Science is golden.

A selfology thought experiment
Is one in which we try to put ourselves
Inside the skin of our neighbors.
The science of self
Can not be put on a shelf.

We had better write verses
For such specific researches
Though our inner searches
May be longer trips
Than those with other four dimensions
Or ten universes

In the end you will not
Read this poem but yourself
Including between the lines
And between the words
Poems are more effective than swords

It turns out
I heard
That freedom is not only for birds
But also for those who can fly in their minds

Self science
Is all about finding
Where are your wings.

The Ethics Code

"In the heat of the moment" is the perfect excuse. Some people may think that they actually are guilty, while some assume they are innocent. Everyone acts according to their own choices, no matter whether these choices are bad or good. The world needs attention, yet no one is actually willing to change. That happens because we are not being correctly taught on how to choose.

Ethics is the biggest Wisdom Science that should be more studied in many schools. In my Communications degree I had my first opportunity to know about Ethics. In class, the professor would bring us real cases of unethical stories printed on newspapers that eventually would lead someone else to think that someone innocent was actually guilty. The reports were exaggerated and the innocent person suffered with the accusations. These sad stories were used to impress in us the sense that every choice we make is suppose to bring out its outcomes. So we need to balance every story by understanding it from different points of views, and then calculate the proper outcome of each situation and report properly to the public.

It is, therefore, an important decision to write anything. Writing down important ideas is a proven and successful way of generating the necessary energy to put them into practice. This post's function is to write a code about Ethics. But not a moral code, just like the many religious leaders of the past did with very impressive outcomes, yet with no real solution in terms of tolerance and mutual respect. Then what kind of code? A logical one, something that would make sense in any computer or in any mind out there that is good enough to understand the importance of Ethics. Acting with an ethical code upon any situation it is possible to pursuit happiness and maybe even longer lives, better health and a lot less suffering.

Ethics function is a loop one. The condition is while breathing equals true. I choose breathing for many reasons, the most important of them being the fact that the gospel of John points out that from the Verb, that is, from the vibrations of particles, just like in the Big Bang, came the Light. Breathing is all about movement and Ethics is all about movement. While we move, that is, all the time, Ethics should be running, just as long as we live. This is the most important thing.

It turns out that choices precedes actions. Therefore the choice function needed result is zero. The choice function accepts as argument an array of inputs plus the object wisdom, which is the accumulation of Knowledge and Intelligence that helps the next iteration of choice. Wisdom is incrementated each time the function choice is iterated and Wisdom is always used again as part of the arguments to the choice function. This means that Wisdom is, at all times, the game-changer, the cosmological constant that leads to equilibrium. Input is an object which contains opinions, logical and empirical data, experience, memory, creativity, intelligence and the decision data, that could be represented as a metaphor, a symbol, a situation, an action and so on. The function choice in Ethics must always return 0, which represents balance. Any number below or above 0 means a choice without equilibrium, that is, a bad choice that could lead to your advantage, positive number, or the advantage of others, a negative number. The function returns 0 only when equilibrium is achieved, that is, a choice that is actually positive for both sides of the equation. If it is not, it returns a complex object, containing the choice score number and all the input of the latest decision. This data will be used by the next iteration of choice, leading to equilibrium in the end of actions. In the Life part, we are making only balanced decisions. When we make an unbalanced one, we then have to go the next choice with not only the new input and wisdom, but also with the old output object, which will help us balance our next choice even more.

So here is the code. Share it and it may become a solution to our struggling world. Enjoy the Ethics Code and run it! You might get some Truth out of this.

Ethics Code:

while breathing = true # main loop, called Life
    var outcome = choice(new input + wisdom)
    while outcome != 0 # this section is called Struggle.
      outcome = choice(new input + outcome + wisdom)


The world in crisis

The world has never been in crisis
The world has always been in crisis

Crisis is opportunity
Opportunities have risks
Risk is crisis

The men have these crisis
They write warpy in warped lines
In spite of that, men never correct themselves
And then crisis repeats itself.

That's why the line must be straight
And what is written must be rare
And every goal has its arrow
Its spot
All it needs is a shot.

Crisis is and always will be about vanity
Pretentious or clear
From the ambitiously immoral
That makes the mixes
Awaiting reactions
Of good with evil.

The good thing about crisis is that it ends
Even though it repeats itself
It doesn't correct itself
And all it needs is a shot
It could seem different
It is not.

Not rarely, crisis is
sadly necessary
to create a genious out of the ordinary
or to create History
which, if thoroughly studied
would advise:
Crisis needs more memory.
That would be wise.

The current state of affairs

It turns out the world isn't exactly going the way it should be. This could be a massive lack of consciousness that is leading the world to a stream of bad decisions. But what is consciousness and what is choice? These two questions are pretty much the same ones as "who am I?", "where do I come from?"

Whether these questions are the matters of neurologists, psychologists, religious men of all sorts or you and me doesn't matter. What matters now is more what we need to do and think from now on, a proposal of a new consciousness, which should lead mankind to the next step.

The tools are out there. This article couldn't be written it it were not for all the readers that can pass by this. Inspiring enough, this new Age of Knowledge is about to comprise exactly that what Knowledge is: the perfect mix of Intelligence with Wisdom. So far mankind has been improving n intelligence, but not in real Intelligence, that leads to Wisdom.

The newest theories about the energy of particles or the new discoveries about how the body can heal itself should be inspiring the leaders of the world out there to heal the economy and then create new ways of financing the people. There are at least two or three Nobel prize winners that could inspire leaders from Europe and the USA to follow and create solutions for the future. About the particles, it seems that what was impossible happened, scientists detected neutrinos going a littles faster than photons. This is to show us two things: we need to get to know more of ourselves and more about our nature. Even though these results could be wrong, this teaches us the second lesson: we will always be trapped by our consciousness, unless we create and use a real Collective Consciousness that would lead all the unbalanced souls back to the Equilibrium.

Eventually a lot more about this collective consciousness that I am talking about here in the article will be part of the future of robotics and other tools that are now unfamiliar to most of us. My theory is that all of our neurological system has some part in this consciousness, which lead to the sensation of being conscious. What leads to this? The mix of sensations and senses, that is, information. Information itself is not Knowledge. Knowledge is the comprehension of information, while also doing the necessary Wisdom is the accumulated experience of all of the mankind. There are Intelligence Sciences and Wisdom Sciences and both should be known to everyone, which currently is not happening in our world. Yet it is in our hands and minds the necessary tools to promote Change and achieve the next level of Collective Consciousness. And this is about to happen.


I wish you (i. e.) The Vows

I love poems and I love translating poems as well. I speak native portuguese, but in my own personal will to write in English, I decided one day that if I could translate poems, then I could tell I'd know English. But that was just after I dreamed in English, and I used to say that the day I dreamed in English would be the day I'd be fluent in it.

So far I figured that maybe what makes a person fluent in English in the 21st century is the probably the same reason the french René Déscartes had to know Latin in his time to be well versed in the texts available to him at the time.

And so I decided to share a new translation, of a new poem, that I recently got in contact with, and wishing that it finds a place in your soul as well. And it will.

The translation will improve with time and, of course, with the help of you who are visiting this page. The original follows below too for those who enjoy reading in other languages. These are certainly wise words, so save them well.

Happy new year!

I wish you (i. e) The Vows
by Sérgio Jockymann
translated by Leonardo Dias

First I wish you that you love
and that, loving, be loved as well
and if you are not, forget it soon.
And if you forget, let go the sorrow.
I wish you, then, not to live like this,
but if you do, know how to do it without despair.

I wish you friends as well
even those mean and mindless
that are brave and faithfull,
And that you have at least one of them
that you can trust without a doubt.
And because life is like this,
I also wish you to have enemies.
Not too many, not too few,
but the exact amount so that you can, once in a while
ask yourself about
your own certainties.
And let at least one among them be fair
so that you can not be too safe.

I wish you to be useful,
but not unreplaceable.
And that when bad times come,
When nothing rests anymore,
this usefulness will be enough to keep you up.

I also wish you to be tolerant,
Not with those that makes little mistakes, because this is easy,
But with those that do it a lot and irremediably,
And that making good use of this tolerance
Let you be an example to other people.

I wish that you, being young,
do not be in hurry to be mature,
And that being mature, do not insist in getting younger
And that being old, do not dedicate yourself to despair.
Because each age has its pleasure and pain and
we must let it flow off us.

I wish you, by the way, that you be sad,
Not the whole year, but only for a day.
But that in that day you find out
That the daily smile is good,
The usual smile is dull and the constant smile is insane.

I wish you that you find out
with maximum urgency
Above all and in respect of everything, that there are the oppressed,
The unfairness and unhapiness around you.

I wish you that you nourish a cat
and feed a bird and listen to it
singing exultantly its morning song
because then you would be happy for nothing.

I wish you that you plant a seed,
no matter how small,
and that you watch it grow,
so that you know from how many
lives are made a tree.

I wish you, also, that you have money,
because it is necessary to be practical.
And that at least once a year
You put some of them
in front of you and say "This is mine",
just to keep clear who owns who.

I also wish that no one of your beloved ones die,
For him and for you,
But that if someone die, that you may cry
Without being sorry and suffering, without being guilty.

I also wish you that, being a man,
that you have a good wife,
and that being a woman,
that you have a good man,
and that you love each other now, tomorrow and in the following days,
and that whenever you are tired and happy,
I wish you that there will be love to start over.
And that if all of these things happen,
I will have nothing else to wish you.


The poet's mission

I write, I put in the order of the letters,
being someone who has a musical thought,
about Love, Life and the Order of the genes
that I randomically got.

Mysteries of stars and of the planets
decyphered and revealed in the role
of people, who are hunting for a treasure:
their own piece of clear and blue heaven.

The poet's mission is to verse about the rare
sense that is in the eternal now
while life comes, teaches and goes.

So, even more words I will spare
because inside, what I feel, revigorates, somehow,
my soul and whoever reads my soul.