The Law of Attraction

Words have an immense power and imagining is enough to make things real. One of the oldest laws of the universe is the law of attraction. Such law can be seen in nature in different manners. One of them is that one of Earth that attracts the objects to its center. The other one is that of the atoms that form molecules and that of the molecules that form life in cells. Another one is those of the atoms that makes rivers, oceans, or rough stones. But the most important of all of them is the law of attractions to the effects according to the causes, ie, what we think, do or say changes and molds everything around us.

There are no constructions conceived without a drawing or a thought that creates them. If you use your words and thoughts well, you will attract to yourself the positive results wanted since the beggining. In the same way we could say that if you say bad things about yourself or about others you will end up doing harm to himself.

This law is sometimes appreciated when we meet people who are not willing to look for new opportunities in life. These people repeat to themselves, in thoughts and words, that they are not well. They end up building an uncomfortable destiny.

Successful people hold in their hearts and minds nothing more than right words and just thoughts. They draw the life they want and end up building it step by step. Attracting to yourself good results means simply doing and thinking what is best for you and others around you.

It is enough to think of something to have it at hand? No. It is necessary to want it from the bottom of your heart, imagine that you already have what you want and then forget it for a while. The universe (or time and mind, if so you prefer), knowing in advance what you want to attract, will eventually get it for you. It could be in a magic way, even though this is not how things happen normally.

In general, the time between a request and an acceptance of that request will also depend on some attitudes from the seeker. Sometimes the materialization of our thoughts is in front of us and we cannot see it. Upon requesting, thus, mind starts searching for new paths inconsciously. When the mind finds it, it brings these paths for you in the form of inspired ideas that need immediate action.

In the same way, who has evil, attracts it. If you think about bad situations all the time (paranoia), or if you keep protecting yourself for pure fear, or if you say bad things about other people you will end up attracting to yourself everything you think. That's because the universe is not able to understand that you want something bad to happen to someone else. On the contrary. The universe only reacts in favor or against ourselves. Therefore each word and action need to be measured, thought and put out in a way that we can create the best universe possible.

The best way to feel what needs to be thought is through our feelings. You may have experienced this. If someday you heard a gossip from someone that said something bad about you and then you felt rage of this person, know that each time that you feel rage, the universe will make you feel more of it. The ideal thing is to look for thoughts that guarantee your wellness.

Instead, try to think of good things from the person who did the contrary with you and try to find out what this person's intentions really are. And think only about what good could you cause to that person. One day he (or she) might even thank you for a favor you did and will never do that anymore.

Other people pass through financial and family problems, many times questioning themselves about their own inability to deal with these issues. But to attract good, you must want this same good. You must BE good. It becomes necessary to do good to receive it. All desires are possible. The universe also has other laws, like those of the balance. But the world is suppose to conspire in our favor.

To not know this is letting yourselves being taken by a hurricane of useless thoughts that could only prove the main point of this law. Knowing these concepts means understanding that we can change our own destiny with the help of a Great Architect of the Universe drawing for us the best way to pave the road we call life.