Do you touch yourself? Certainly you may have touched your keyboard and mouse before getting here. Your mouse, then, transferred electromagnetic waves that navigated from side to side. Even though we don't touch the mouse. We don't click. We don't even touch ourselves.

Matter does not exist the way we think of it. After all, what is an atom? If all the atoms are made of 99% of empty space and if the 1% of the matter that has mass can still be divided in more tiny little pieces, what rests is nothing but empty space.

Why do we touch? Because the electrons in our skin travel in the same speed of everything around us. If we are able to make our electrons go faster or slower, we could be able to tresspass matter, similar to the spirits.

When we touch something with our hands, we feel. The sensations are nothing but the result of vibrations of electrons touching itselves. The electrical impulses travel from our hands to our brain. The brain is then able to "comprehend the electricity" that we call life experience.

What do we hear? Vibrations affect the auditive nerve. What do we see? Light rays make our retine cells vibrate, exciting the optical nerve. We are surrounded by electricity in a world that many things exist, but at the same time they don't really exist. Everything is empty space.

The capacity to see what is very small allows us to recognize that things are energy and that everything has life. A rough stone with its electrons flowing in high speed, with its cut from chance, has an amazing life, conditioned only by its atoms according to time.

Now that you know your life is electricity, this author here invites you to experience the most fantastic electrity in life. Feel the bristle, whenever possible. Because the universe is nothing more than vibrations from only one Voice.