The current state of affairs

It turns out the world isn't exactly going the way it should be. This could be a massive lack of consciousness that is leading the world to a stream of bad decisions. But what is consciousness and what is choice? These two questions are pretty much the same ones as "who am I?", "where do I come from?"

Whether these questions are the matters of neurologists, psychologists, religious men of all sorts or you and me doesn't matter. What matters now is more what we need to do and think from now on, a proposal of a new consciousness, which should lead mankind to the next step.

The tools are out there. This article couldn't be written it it were not for all the readers that can pass by this. Inspiring enough, this new Age of Knowledge is about to comprise exactly that what Knowledge is: the perfect mix of Intelligence with Wisdom. So far mankind has been improving n intelligence, but not in real Intelligence, that leads to Wisdom.

The newest theories about the energy of particles or the new discoveries about how the body can heal itself should be inspiring the leaders of the world out there to heal the economy and then create new ways of financing the people. There are at least two or three Nobel prize winners that could inspire leaders from Europe and the USA to follow and create solutions for the future. About the particles, it seems that what was impossible happened, scientists detected neutrinos going a littles faster than photons. This is to show us two things: we need to get to know more of ourselves and more about our nature. Even though these results could be wrong, this teaches us the second lesson: we will always be trapped by our consciousness, unless we create and use a real Collective Consciousness that would lead all the unbalanced souls back to the Equilibrium.

Eventually a lot more about this collective consciousness that I am talking about here in the article will be part of the future of robotics and other tools that are now unfamiliar to most of us. My theory is that all of our neurological system has some part in this consciousness, which lead to the sensation of being conscious. What leads to this? The mix of sensations and senses, that is, information. Information itself is not Knowledge. Knowledge is the comprehension of information, while also doing the necessary Wisdom is the accumulated experience of all of the mankind. There are Intelligence Sciences and Wisdom Sciences and both should be known to everyone, which currently is not happening in our world. Yet it is in our hands and minds the necessary tools to promote Change and achieve the next level of Collective Consciousness. And this is about to happen.

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