The Ethics Code

"In the heat of the moment" is the perfect excuse. Some people may think that they actually are guilty, while some assume they are innocent. Everyone acts according to their own choices, no matter whether these choices are bad or good. The world needs attention, yet no one is actually willing to change. That happens because we are not being correctly taught on how to choose.

Ethics is the biggest Wisdom Science that should be more studied in many schools. In my Communications degree I had my first opportunity to know about Ethics. In class, the professor would bring us real cases of unethical stories printed on newspapers that eventually would lead someone else to think that someone innocent was actually guilty. The reports were exaggerated and the innocent person suffered with the accusations. These sad stories were used to impress in us the sense that every choice we make is suppose to bring out its outcomes. So we need to balance every story by understanding it from different points of views, and then calculate the proper outcome of each situation and report properly to the public.

It is, therefore, an important decision to write anything. Writing down important ideas is a proven and successful way of generating the necessary energy to put them into practice. This post's function is to write a code about Ethics. But not a moral code, just like the many religious leaders of the past did with very impressive outcomes, yet with no real solution in terms of tolerance and mutual respect. Then what kind of code? A logical one, something that would make sense in any computer or in any mind out there that is good enough to understand the importance of Ethics. Acting with an ethical code upon any situation it is possible to pursuit happiness and maybe even longer lives, better health and a lot less suffering.

Ethics function is a loop one. The condition is while breathing equals true. I choose breathing for many reasons, the most important of them being the fact that the gospel of John points out that from the Verb, that is, from the vibrations of particles, just like in the Big Bang, came the Light. Breathing is all about movement and Ethics is all about movement. While we move, that is, all the time, Ethics should be running, just as long as we live. This is the most important thing.

It turns out that choices precedes actions. Therefore the choice function needed result is zero. The choice function accepts as argument an array of inputs plus the object wisdom, which is the accumulation of Knowledge and Intelligence that helps the next iteration of choice. Wisdom is incrementated each time the function choice is iterated and Wisdom is always used again as part of the arguments to the choice function. This means that Wisdom is, at all times, the game-changer, the cosmological constant that leads to equilibrium. Input is an object which contains opinions, logical and empirical data, experience, memory, creativity, intelligence and the decision data, that could be represented as a metaphor, a symbol, a situation, an action and so on. The function choice in Ethics must always return 0, which represents balance. Any number below or above 0 means a choice without equilibrium, that is, a bad choice that could lead to your advantage, positive number, or the advantage of others, a negative number. The function returns 0 only when equilibrium is achieved, that is, a choice that is actually positive for both sides of the equation. If it is not, it returns a complex object, containing the choice score number and all the input of the latest decision. This data will be used by the next iteration of choice, leading to equilibrium in the end of actions. In the Life part, we are making only balanced decisions. When we make an unbalanced one, we then have to go the next choice with not only the new input and wisdom, but also with the old output object, which will help us balance our next choice even more.

So here is the code. Share it and it may become a solution to our struggling world. Enjoy the Ethics Code and run it! You might get some Truth out of this.

Ethics Code:

while breathing = true # main loop, called Life
    var outcome = choice(new input + wisdom)
    while outcome != 0 # this section is called Struggle.
      outcome = choice(new input + outcome + wisdom)

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